Asaba Group Holdings began in 2004 with its first acquisition and evolved from the Asaba Group, Inc. which was established in 1999 as a management consulting firm focused on strategy and business improvement. Asaba Group Holdings' interests include automotive part manufacturing companies that provide metal processing services and produce electrical assemblies and solenoid/actuator systems. In addition, Asaba Group Holdings has a private equity advisory and management services firm.

Our Competitive Edge

Asaba Group Holding’s competitive edge lies in its ability to leverage the methodologies used to achieve past success, while eliminating risks and enhancing the value of future transactions. Business principles that are fundamentally the same regardless of the industry, an understanding for the growth and profit drivers, strategic clarity on growth initiatives, combined with deep sector-specific expertise, are the foundation of our processes. What worked yesterday, in tandem with the lessons learned from past experiences will prove successful in the present and generate growth and value in the future.

Our Principals and Managers

Through the skills, knowledge, and experience of our professionals, Asaba Group Holdings is uniquely positioned to deliver excellence on behalf of stakeholders, clients and customers. Our principals are experienced in successfully executing transactions in a broad range of disciplines including acquisition financing, product planning and business strategy. Every company is led by an experienced management team with deep industry experience and knowledge. The knowledge and experience of the principals and management teams, as well as, lessons learned are shared across Asaba Group Holdings enterprise.

Our Companies

Each company is based on an identified competitive "white space" that exists within a niche market segment that has historically been underserved and strategic clarity on its growth drivers. Each company is provided with capital and strategic support for sales and management. A deep understanding of growth drivers, combined with, great management and sector-specific expertise help build exceptional businesses.

Our Values

Customer Focus – We are relentless in our pursuit of exceeding customer expectations
Respect – We insist on respect for one another in all our interactions
Passion – We operate with a passion for excellence and deliver the same
  Ethics – We always strive to do the right thing and are uncompromising with our ethics
  Innovative – We constantly drive to be an innovative solutions driven company
  Community Involvement – We are philanthropically active and good citizens in our communities
  Diversity – We continuously seek to expand and value our diversity

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