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Established 2004

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MCDC Newsletter 9-2009
AG Manufacturing and MCDC Work to Keep Jobs in Michigan

Huron County Press 5-20-2008
Congresswoman Candice Miller visits Harbor Beach

Press Release
Miller Secures funding for Harbor Beach Plant

Press Release 9-27-2006
AG Manufacturing Benefits From $1M Grant

Eaton Auto News 7-13-2006
Eaton Automotive Announces Buyer for Rochelle

Detroit News 11-21-04
Company Sells Last Factory in State

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SET Enterprises - Alabama
SET Enterprises is a leading provider of advanced metal processing technologies and value chain solutions for the automotive industry. Customers include automotive OEM manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. SET's services include:
  • Flat rolled metal processing for steel, aluminum, advanced materials, etc.
  • Slitting, mechanical blanking, laser blanking and fabricated assemblies
  • Exposed and unexposed metal processing
  • Procurement, inventory management and logistics

SET Duct Manufacturing provides customer fabricated HVAC duct and fittings to the construction industry. Products include:
  • Round/oval and spiral duct and fittings
  • Rectangular duct and fittings
  • Flat sheets and coils
  • Custom fabrication and estimation

AG Manufacturing - Alabama
Provides design, development and manufacturing of pneumatic, hydraulic and solenoid control devices. The company manufactures the following products for the automotive industry:
  • Solenoids, valves and control systems
  • Electronic throttle controls and actuators
  • Electro-hydraulic systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Fuel delivery electrical/electronic sub-assemblies
  • Sensors for temperature, ambient, fuel levels and in-car light applications

Provides value-added, full-services system design, development, manufacturing and testing of various electrical distribution systems for the automotive, heavy truck and other industries. Products include:
  • Wiring and cable harnesses for various low to mid volume applications
  • Cavity and indoor vanity lighting assemblies
  • OE service and aftermarket electrical assemblies
  • Plastic molded electrical assemblies and connection systems

Provides contract manufacturing of high volume production electrical harness assemblies for the heavy truck and automotive industries. Products include:
  • Electrical wire harnesses for fuel tank delivery modules
  • Electromechanical sub-assemblies improvement
  • Battery cables and ground straps
  • Engine and powertrain electrical harnesses/jumpers

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