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Our companies are contract manufacturers offering a comprehensive array of products and services that help customers cut costs and improve efficiencies.

AG Companies Provide Industry Leading Products and Services

Asaba Group Holdings' (AG Holdings) companies offer a comprehensive array of products and services that include electrical distribution systems, pneumatic, hydraulic, and solenoid control devices, steel processing and metal fabrication services, premium beverage marketing and distribution and advisory services. AG Holdings has built a reputation for the quality of its products, services and customer oriented solutions.

SET Enterprises

Set Enterprises is a leading provider of advanced metal processing technologies and value chain solutions in the automotive industry. Customers include automotive OEM manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. SET's services include:
Flat rolled metal processing for steel, aluminum, advanced materials, etc.
Processing services include slitting, mechanical blanking, laser blanking and fabricated assemblies
Exposed and unexposed metal processing
Procurement, inventory management and logistics

SET Duct Manufacturing

Provides customer fabricated HVAC duct and fittings to the construction industry. Products include:
Round/oval and spiral duct and fittings
Rectangular duct and fittings
Flat sheets and coils
Custom fabrication and estimation

AG Manufacturing - Illinois

Provides design, development and manufacturing of pneumatic, hydraulic and solenoid control devices. The company manufactures the following products for the automotive industry:
Solenoids, valves and control systems
Electronic throttle controls and actuators
Electro-hydraulic systems
Pneumatic systems
Fuel delivery electrical/electronic sub-assemblies
Sensors for temperature, ambient, fuel levels and in-car light applications

AG Manufacturing - Michigan

Provides value-added, full-services system design, development, manufacturing and testing of various electrical distribution systems for the automotive, heavy truck and other industries. Products include:
Wiring and cable harnesses for various applications
Cavity and indoor vanity lighting assemblies
OE service and aftermarket electrical assemblies
Plastic molded electrical assemblies and connection systems

AG Manufacturing - Alabama

Provides contract manufacturing of high volume production electrical harness assemblies for the heavy truck and automotive industries. Assemblies and parts produced include:
Electrical wire harnesses for fuel tank delivery modules
Electromechanical sub-assemblies improvement
Battery cables and ground straps
Engine and powertrain electrical harnesses/jumpers

Cintron World, Inc.

Cintron World is an international beverage company that specializes in premium beverages and premier lifestyle events. Cintron offers a line of ready to drink functional beverages and premium energy drinks in four flavors: Original, Cranberry, Pineapple, and Mango. With the slogan, "Premium Energy to Live the Good Life," Cintron sponsors some of the finest events around the world in the categories of:
Music concerts
Polo tournaments
Luxury travel excursions

Asaba Management, LLC

A corporate development advisory company providing the following services:
Assistance with middle-market acquisitions
Assistance in securing senior debt, subordinated debt and/or equity capital
Provides equity capital
Provides investment opportunities for private equity investors

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